I stink in tryouts, but I am a good player...

Updated: Nov 23, 2018

How many times have we seen kids walk out of gyms holding their heads down or crying because they got cut from a tryout? The answer is ALL THE TIME!!

Every year each athlete has to go through this annoying, long & tiresome process. It is never a fun time, and every kid is very nervous.

"Coach how come I got cut?" The amount of times I have heard that from athletes over the years, is nuts. What every athlete needs to understand is that every coach is different. They each have their own philosophies and are looking for specific players for their system they plan to implement. It is not always the best player that gets selected unfortunately. When it comes to this selection process in the year a lot of things come into play which is not always fair but it is part of any sport (POLITICS). This is one aspect that every athlete at some point in their career will run into. Whether you get cut from a team for it, or whether you make a team and have to deal with it. The best advice I can give athletes when this problem occurs is to use that as motivation and fuel to improve and get better. At the end of the day your game will speak louder than your words. Focus on what you can control and let the hard work you put in take you over the top. The athletes who get to cruise and make it from team to team based on politics eventually run into problems in the long run. By grinding and working hard you will eventually pass them. Focus on the NOW and continue to grow.

Besides the politics another major aspect why many kids get cut in tryouts is that, they actually don't know how to properly tryout. The whole notion of thinking scoring equates to being good, is what many of these kids think. Approaching a tryout is like going to an interview. You need to be ready for every question, and the only way to do that is to prepare. A lot of athletes relax during the summertime, and think they can just turn on the switch 1 week before tryouts and expect to be at their best... IT DOES NOT WORK!!! The only person to blame would be yourself in this situation, no one else!

Tips to help in tryouts:

  • Work on your weaknesses during the summer

  • Don't take more than 2-3 days off in a row without touching a basketball

  • Don't worry about offense.. FOCUS on your DEFENSE! Pick up full court, coaches will love that immediately!

  • Be vocal, communicate, be LOUD.. This will draw attention to yourself ( giving off that you are a leader & confident )

  • Focus and do the things you are good at. It is not time to try new things that you have not tried before.. It will make you look worse than you truly are!

  • Take every repetition as if you were in a game! GO HARD!!!

  • Don't be afraid is the biggest one! Show that you have worked hard over the summer, and you deserve to be there.

  • Don't let your mistakes add up. What I mean by that is if you mess up forget about it, its happened and you cant change it.. Worry about making the next play. A good play following a mistake will almost immediately erase that mistake and show that you are mentally TOUGH!

  • Last but not least HAVE FUN! When you are enjoying yourself, you are much more relaxed, and usually translates over to making better decisions on the court!

At the end of the day, getting cut hurts.. No one likes that feeling!! But remember even the best players in the world have been cut at some point (Michael Jordan). It is what you do after you get cut that matters, and shows who you truly are!


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