I train for hours, how come I am not getting better?

"Hey, coach I was in the gym today for 5 hours!!" I quickly respond most of the time with the same answer... "What on earth were you doing?"

The amount of times I hear that from athletes on a regular basis is nuts. A lot of these younger athletes think that more is better when it does not equate to that at all. The whole notion of being in the gym "all day" seems like it is an accomplishment but it means nothing. The best athletes understand that its about the quality of your training and not the quantity.

Training should be done at "game speed" this is the only way for you to actually get better and be effective. Each repetition needs to replicate the intensity and speed of the game you are going to take part in. By doing this you are prepping your body for that exact action when it is time to do it, thus making your success rate much higher. When your training is very intense there is no way you can spend more than 45 min - 1 hour training.

I see athletes all the time training, and they are simply just going through the motions.. No wonder why it does not translate over to the game. You can't simply just turn it on and off when you please. The body is like a sponge and everything you do it remembers. When your training is slow, not intense, and you are simply going through the motions, that is what it will remember. When its time to now move with speed, intensity has now gone up, it will be very hard for you to move at that speed and still be as consistent as you thought you were when you were training.

Train intense, take every repetition like it was the last play of the game, eat & sleep well and you will see the difference in your game guaranteed.

Steps to help with training:

  • Train with a partner & compete in each drill

  • Be imaginative in your training (do your moves as if there was a defender in front of you)

  • Hold yourself accountable in drills (ie: Missing free throws - run, do push ups ) give yourself some sort of punishment. This helps keep things intense and helps to keep you focused

  • Set daily & weekly goals (ie: Amount of shots made in the week) NOT TAKEN SHOTS,BUT MADE SHOTS

Implement these small training tips in your practices daily and watch how your game elevates to that next level! There is no secret to getting good, but HARD WORK!

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