Offensive Skills Clinic

Super excited to be launching the first of many clinics!

As a basketball player growing up and even now still actively playing I am continuously learning. As many of you know in the "basketball world" I am below average in height thus making most things on the court that much harder to do. Learning how to use my body, working on moves, and creating space to be able to use other parts of my game was something I focused a lot of my time on.

Many young athletes today when playing rely mostly on their "natural abilities" meaning if they are fast they will use that to their advantage, if they are tall or athletic they will use that aspect to their game. As these young athletes get older, players get better, and coaches get better as well. Your natural abilities wont work as easy as they did when they were younger. Learning how to use their bodies, setting up defenders, and using angles to then enhance their "natural abilities" is the next step in elevating their games.

This clinic will focus on those small details that get left behind. By adding these skills to their game these athletes will be able to take their offensive game to another level.

Well that's enough for now, lets get WORKING!

Please see the attached flyer for details and to register click the link below. If you have any questions feel free to email or call at any time.

Phone: 613-302-7505


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