Would you die for it?

Its no surprise why certain players make it and others don't. Many athletes these days are playing the sport they say they love for the complete wrong reasons. A big part of this has to do with the growth of social media. Its now about looking good, what others think, and how many likes your post can get.

What happened to the grind? The "gym rats" focusing on your craft and training hours per day. You don't really see that as often these days, and its the ones that do it that succeed.

Being an athlete is more than just saying you are one. It is a lifestyle and it takes a lot of dedication and hard work. You must eat, sleep and breathe what ever sport your are playing if you want to see yourself at the top. Saying no to your friends when they are going to a party, or wanting to play video games. A lot of sacrifices and alone time come with being successful and at the top. As a young boy I was asked this question when training one day.. " Would you die for it? " I didn't know what to say at first, and it was not until a couple months later that I finally had my answer. I realised that there was no easy way to do this, and I had to make a decision, then and there.. Do i want to keep wasting my time, or do I want to succeed. If you cant answer yes to that question, you will never achieve the success you hope to have which is reaching the top!

The mistake these young athletes do today is they all say they love the grind and would die for it, but the real question is "would you really die for it?" If someone told you today that if you get on that court and play this game right now you will die. Would you change your answer? Or would you get on that court and play your heart out?

That's what it ultimately comes down to. There is no shortcuts in life and it goes the same way in sports. To be great you must sacrifice, and to sacrifice means many lonely days & nights.

So at the end of the day you must decide and be real with yourself.. You know what you feel and what you want. Stop worrying about fitting in and worry about what it takes to be successful. There is a difference between liking the sport and the perks that come with it, and then dying for it! What ever that may be just remember to match your goals with your decision. Its only then can you be real with yourself & achieve what you want!

"Don't be afraid to fail, scared to be alone, or worried about how you look. When you succeed everyone will want to know what you did and how you got there! Stay FOCUSED"

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